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Fake nipple piercing wih crystal

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  • Manufacturer:  SilverBuds
  • Product Code:  1084
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Fake nipple piercings are a popular trend for individuals who want the look of a nipple piercing without the commitment or pain of getting one.

These non-piercing nipple rings are a great option for those who are not ready for the real thing.

The magnetic nipple rings are made of strong magnet and are adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your nipple size.

They have beautiful crystals embellished on them, adding an elegant touch to your nipple jewelry.To wear these fake nipple piercings, simply place the magnets on either side of your nipple, and they will magnetically hold the rings in place. The magnets are strong enough to stay secure during various activities, ensuring that you can confidently wear them without worrying about them falling off.

Whether you want to spice up your lingerie collection or surprise a partner, these fake nipple piercings are a fun and stylish choice. They provide all the glam and allure of a real nipple piercing without the commitment or pain. Try these magnetic nipple rings and enjoy the beauty of nipple jewelry without a permanent change to your body.

These fake nipple bars are made from rare earth magnet neodymium measuring 5mm and adorned with  crystals. They are designed to be a provocative and alluring addition to your nipple jewelry collection. Each purchase includes a pair of these bars.


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